Is It All Necessary?

Written by on May 27, 2020

When life shutdown almost overnight it seemed, life slowed down considerably. My family suddenly had time together at night and pretty much every commitment we had was no longer happening. This included our volunteer work, leisure activities and work for my daughter.

Am I Alone In This Feeling?

We are opening back up again slowly and things are starting to gradually return to normal. I wonder if I am the only person who isn’t 100% excited about my life returning to the way it was before?

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the economy to return to a more normal state. Businesses reopening is great for everyone. I just really love our new, simpler life. It makes me feel lighter.

Loving The Simpler Family Life

I love having family dinners again, because we aren’t all in a rush to be somewhere. I love that we have had leisurely beach walks almost every morning. It’s been incredibly to just sit out on the back verandah with a coffee and have the time and space to breathe. Don’t get me wrong, our lives are still busy, it’s just a different kind of busy.

I have definitely been wondering how much of what I did before needs to be picked up again. How much of it was just busy work and time filling. It has definitely made me think about how I prioritise my life and the things that I say yes to.

Why Do I Say Yes?

I know for sure that as we are able to gather more, I will absolutely be reassessing why I am saying yes to things. My reasons need to be sound, it needs to be a yes because it is necessary or brings me joy. Not a yes because I feel like I have to. I definitely don’t want to keep everything about life in the pandemic, but I do want to keep the simpler lifestyle.

However you feel about getting back to normal after all of this craziness, If you are jumping up and down, excited to jump back into all the things, or like me and a little unsure about the way forward, It’s all ok. I am sure there are people across the entire spectrum in how they feel about this. For me it has made me review the things that I have really loved about this time. I have decided that those things have to stay, which means other things might have to be a no and I’m actually ok with that.

Lorrene McClymont is an Author and Photographer based in South Australia. She writes faith-based blogs under the Essential Hope Banner. All images can be purchased through the Hope Images website




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