I hate being interrupted. I am a person who focuses on the task at hand and when I am on a mission and focused, I tend to go full steam ahead with no room for interruptions. The problem with this is that it means I can miss the moments that are worth remembering. Often those moments happen in the interruptions.

Last year while visiting Tasmania, we took a trip to the East coast to visit Coles Bay. On the way back after a long day, we decided to stop in a random car park for a quick break. We were all tired and it would have been easier just to go home.

We climbed a staircase and as we got to the top we saw the sun setting over a beautiful beach. The waves were crashing and the spray was flying into the sunset. The sand was a pristine white and looked completely untouched. If we had not let the interruption of stopping for a rest happen, then the memories of that day, the moments that were created would not exist. The ten minutes that we spent at that beach that are some of my favourite memories from that trip.

Relationships Are More Important Than Tasks

I am learning more and more to focus on the moments and the people. As my parents, children and I get older, I am conscious of the fact that time is precious. The things that I have to do, the items on my list that must be done are so often just busywork. The time that I spend with the people in my life is where I create memories. I can’t build relationship with people in my life by putting the tasks and things in my life first. I need to let the people in my life interrupt the things that can wait.

Listen For God’s Whisper In Your Life

It is in these moments of interruption that God can use me to change someone else’s day. However, if I am not willing to be interrupted – if I am so busy doing things that I can’t even stop to listen to the whisper of God. Not only do I then miss a moment in my life but I can also miss the chance to reach out to someone, encourage someone, to change their day in a positive way.

Put Down The Distractions

Sometimes, we need to put our focus face aside, put down the lists, put the phones away and just be. Sometimes, it is really important to ask God what he wants for the next five minutes in our life instead of informing Him how it is going to be. When we are truly open to interruptions, we are completely open to the amazing moments in life.

Lorrene McClymont is an Author and Photographer based in South Australia. She writes faith based blogs under the Essential Hope Banner. All images can be purchased through the Hope Images website

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