Inner Monologues

Written by on February 24, 2020

Oli: “Hey, so this guy says his inner monologue sounds like Patrick Stewart. That’s pretty neat, eh?”
Maz “Is he the guy who plays Gandalf?”

Tonight on the Takeover, Maz and Oli will be talking about inner monologues. You know, that thing that Homer Simpson does when he talks to his brain or, that inner voice that Lisa has when she tells herself to “be cool”. Your ‘inner voice’, so to speak.

Why inner monologues? Well this comes after a viral tweet sparked a great online conversation about how people think and whether or not people have inner monologues. A lot of the participants were shocked to realised that other people think competently different to the way they do! So that got everyone in The Takeover office thinking, “Do we have an inner monologue and if so, does it sound like Brian Blessed?”

Do you think using an ‘inner monologue’? Send us a text: 0413 90 1079

Did you miss the segment? Never fear! You can catch up now.

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