I listen to Life as I drive

Written by on July 23, 2019

1079 Life listener Debbie tells us why she listens to Life

I look forward to listening every day to everyone’s heartfelt stories as well as the funny stories.

I drive an hour weekdays to work and then an hour back home and I enjoy listening to all the announcers.

I have been listening for twenty years and always felt it was a safe radio station for my children to listen to, and now my grandchildren will be able to also.

Radio is free right?

You can get in your car, press a button and boom – it just happens.

Sometimes 1079 Life makes you laugh, has music you like (or not), makes you mad when you don’t agree, it makes you think – and at all times it is a companion. Together we are all part of the 1079 Life family.

But radio is not free. It costs over a million dollars each year to be there where you press the car, home stereo or radio app play button.

In June this year 1079 Life listeners donated $260,000 to the station!

Belinda was listening to our appeal on the radio and decided to give. Here is her amazing story…

“I was on my way to work and there was a $100 challenge on the station at the time. For some reason I had the figure of $50 swimming around in my head and I felt the call to donate, but I didn’t want to be late for work, so I figured I’d leave it at that point.

Driving home from work that same day, the station was having a $50 challenge. It was then at least 3 – 4 times I felt God say to me ‘Belinda pull over, Belinda pull over’. Questioning myself, I prayed for God to make it clear to me, if He really wanted me to donate the $50.

Within a minute or so, I pulled up behind a truck at a set of red traffic lights, and the first thing my eyes saw on the truck was $49.00. Close enough to $50! So I pulled over, rang Life FM, and donated the $50.

You don’t have to wait until our appeals to donate – why not give to 1079 Life now?

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