Hair Aid Community Cuts Receives the Heart for Adelaide Award

Written by on March 7, 2019

Yesterday The Roadies presented the Heart for Adelaide Award to the wonderful volunteers at Hair Aid Community Cuts. 

Hair Aid and Hair Aid Community Cuts

Hair Aid is an Australian charity where hairdressers teach people in poverty how to cut hair so they can earn a living. Volunteer hairdressers and beauticians travel the world and teach those living in critical poverty.

Hair Aid Community Cuts – fondly knows as HACCs!

These are teams of volunteer hairdressers that work with Australian organisations and support people in our own communities.

They work with community groups, charities, government organisations and churches. Through the organisations they are able to support the homeless, domestic violence sufferers, migrants or those in a time of crisis. Every 6 weeks, for 2-3 hours a team offers free haircuts, which provides dignity and respect for those in need.

In October 2018 a team of 26 hairdressers achieved the national record with 231 haircuts at the Junction Community Centre.

The certificate The Roadies presented  to HACC contained these words:

The team at 1079 Life would like to thank you for using your God given talent to help people in need.

Your heart for people shines through in your work. We think that you are brilliant and that you show our people and our country in the best light.
John 13: 14-17

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