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Written by on October 9, 2019

Gemini Man is a low thrills action film that plays it safe despite the usually charismatic performance of leading man Will Smith

Henry Brogan (WIll Smith) is the CIA’s No. 1 assassin, who after a long and successful career wants nothing more than to hang up his gun in retirement. But after uncovering some classified information that was not meant for him, the very government who he worked for wants him taken out.

Who better to eliminate the world No 1 assassin than with the worlds No 1 assassin?

Brogan must go up against a secret agent who possesses all the same skill and cunning, putting our hero to the ultimate test in this characteristically light Will Smith action flick.

Despite the vision of the talented Ang Lee (Life of Pie) in the directors chair, Gemini Man never seems to find it’s groove and often stumbles in a choreographed execution that feels as if the action is constantly being restrained. Part of this is due to the film being shot in 60FPS which robs the film of any sort of weight and makes the film feel as if it is constantly being played in fast forward. The plot feels similarly restrained, with a generic bad guy (Clive Owen) hitting all the notes of the typical spy thriller bad guy. While Brogan’s clone nemesis (Will Smith) similarly feels unremarkable; despite the remarkable de-aging technology on display.

There is some levity to the film which keeps the the plot moving forward amid the conspiracy and manages to make the main cast likable. The film is also fairly light in tone compared to most modern action films so taking some of the older kids/early teens to the film wouldn’t be too problematic, with low impact violence and a single profanity.

Will Smith is a likable but not a particularly memorable lead or antagonist here. Likewise his co-stars, Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Baron (Benedict Wong) are simialrly unmemorable. The film seeks to tackle the morality surrounding cloning, family, war and the perfect soldier but fails to follow through on any of these questions.

Gemini Man is nothing new, nor does it successfully pay homage to the action films it is trying to emulate, but is a fairly light hearted experience that is teen family friendly and will leave you feeling OK upon walking out of the cinema.

I’d give Gemini Man 3 Will Smith clones out of 5.

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