Fringe Review: Fortified, Jackson vs Jackson & Rauked

Written by on February 20, 2019

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Fortified by Amity Dry

An original cabaret with all songs written and performed by Amity Dry. Fortified is an emotional journey that is raw and interspersed with some funny and relatable stories. A show about love, loss, and grief of a lost marriage and how that bleeds into all aspects of life and moving on. Live piano accompanies Amity, played by Jamie Burgess.

A princess dressed to go to war, Amity sheds her ball gown skirt as a symbol of shedding her old life and stepping into the foray that is new age dating, being a single mum and how everyone else copes with a divorce.

Lasting for almost 60 minutes a show for anyone wanting to see some home grown talent and original songs.

Presented by Popjam productions. Held at gluttony in the Octagon.


Jackson vs Jackson

Wow, just wow. If you see nothing else, this is the show to go and see at The Fringe! If you know any Michael or Janet Jackson songs you will be awed. The stage is full of some of Adelaide’s most talented singers. Singing all the popular songs by these two siblings, with almost everyone from The Gospo Collective having a solo throughout the songs. Charmaine Jones is the choir director and does a fabulous job, including her own powerful solos.

Accompanied by piano, drums, bass and guitar with a full choir behind the main performers. A young choir comes out to perform some of Michael Jackson’s earlier pieces and they are just as talented as the adult singers, and even cuter to boot.

Amanda Parry is a girl I went to high school with, and she is the main reason I saw this show, because I saw her amazing talents back when we were kids, and I know she has been spending these years honing those talents into an amazing experience with The Gospo Collective. And she didn’t disappoint!

Presented by Gospo Enterprises pty Ltd performed at gluttony in The Flamingo.



This western cowboy circus is an adults delight. Four very talented men play outlaw cowboys, on the run from the authorities, and the show is their exploits as they try to get away. With some juggling, acrobatics, gymnastics, rope work and seesaw jumping these guys put on a fun show. Lasting for approximately an hour this is a show for adults as it has adult themes.

Despite having some prop issues and some crowd participation problems, these guys handled it professionally and in stride. Nothing could stop them as they powered on through to give a performance that had everyone laughing and cheering.


Presented by Head First Acrobats, held at gluttony in The Octagon

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