Fringe Review: Flashed

Written by on February 16, 2019

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Tina Ebenreuter has entered into the Fringe this year as a choreographer with her first production of Flashed.

Dance and cinematography combine in this multi-media production that explores the question of “how do we perceive memories”? Emma Leggett is graceful and fluid in all her movements as the main dancer. Her portrayal of character is both raw and emotive.

With the only props three white boxes which move on the stage, you are allowed to interpret the scenes as you will. These boxes are the back drop required for the cinematography with moving pictures of dance and emotions played of them. Each scene is non linear and episodic allowing you to interpret it all in a personal way with each individual having their own experience, background and feelings towards the meaning behind it all.

An emotional roller coaster of love, friendship, sisterhood, loss and grief.

Seen at Star Theatre

Runs for approximately 60 minutes

Funded by the Helpmman Academy

Recommended for lovers of contemporary dance

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