Fringe Review: Cirque Alfonse & 10,000 Decisions

Written by on March 7, 2019

Introducing our new Fringe Correspondent: Nicole Richardson! You can expect a whole range of reviews of the next few weeks. Have you seen a show and want to let everyone know how good it was? Send ’em through to


Cirque Alfonse: Tabarnak

Wow! Amazing! My hands were clenched so many times just hoping no one hurt themselves during their stunts, and then clapped when everything went off without a hitch. I saw a different show by the same troupe at the beginning of fringe, and for them to not only have a second show, but a completely different show with completely different stunts was just amazing. With clear teamwork that just looked like so much fun, they almost made me want to run away and join the circus! A show to astound all who watch. One of the most incredible things I thought was the coordination of the piano player, who was not only playing but singing and doing tap dance while sitting all at the same time!

Presented by RCC fringe. Held at Bonython Hall



10,000 decisions

Robyn talks about some of the bad decisions she has made in life and love, but she uses science to explain why and how she made those decisions. The amygdala plays a large role in this show and in our lives and Robyn helps explain why and how this works. With her own interpretation of the frontal lobe being one family member and the amygdala being another you come away from a comedy show with some new knowledge. A fun play on science, the brain, and comedy. Don’t forget to stick around and check out the fabulous “art” after the show, making sure to read all the description cards. Grab some stickers and say thanks to Robyn as you leave.

Presented by Robyn Perkins. Held at Griffin Hotel

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