Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Written by on November 28, 2019

Every December we hear the song Do They Know It’s Christmas? on radio and in shopping centres around Australia. The song was released as part of Live Aid, to raise funds for the African famine of 1985. But amid accusations of funds raised being spent on war, did Live Aid do more harm than good?

This article by Barnabas Fund encourages informed, intentional giving at Christmas time

Thousands of persecuted Christians are hungry and desperate around the world

Gabriel was at his market stall when militants attacked his village in Burkina Faso. The gunmen opened fire and he fled for his life, along with everyone else at the market. His wife was home with their toddler and baby at the time, but when he got back there in the evening the house was empty.

For a week, Gabriel went from village to village, searching. The militants had warned they would be back at his own village in three days to kill anyone they found there – especially Christians. “As a Christian, I didn’t know where to go, I couldn’t take anything. I was only looking for my wife and my two children. I almost became mad,” Gabriel explained.


Eventually he was reunited with his wife and children in Kaya city, where many people had fled for refuge. He was overwhelmed to find that Christians far away – Barnabas Fund supporters – had been taking care of his family. “You gave us clothes, shelter and food,” said Gabriel, with tears in his eyes.

Christians we don’t know are sending us help. This is strengthening our faith and giving us the sense of the real body of Christ. Wherever they are, may the Lord bless them and rescue them in difficult times as they did for us.


Ngaldiyé, a widow from Cameroon, ran to her pastor crying with joy when she received the aid sent by Barnabas. “Is this really for me?” she asked, thinking it must be a mistake. She too had been displaced by anti-Christian militant violence, and everything she owned had been burnt or plundered when her village was attacked.

When Ngaldiyé was finally convinced that the aid was meant for her, she melted into tears, saying,

God, You who do not give up Your children, here I am rescued by people whom I have never known even for one day.

Will you feed them? Will you be there for them?

As anti-Christian violence soars in West Africa, thousands upon thousands of families have lost their homes, possessions, livelihoods and crops. Their most urgent need is food. As displaced people, they have no way to support themselves. Famine is looming and the regions where Christians have sought refuge are struggling to feed the newcomers.

As Australia experiences the pain of drought, please remember our brothers and sisters in Africa where repeated prolonged droughts across large swathes of the continent have affected millions in at least 14 countries this year. Minority Christians and those displaced by violence are especially vulnerable and in desperate need.

There are many other Christians hungry, destitute and suffering – simply because they follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Barnabas Fund is there to help them. Find out more and Donate

Will you give a Christmas gift so that hungry Christians can rejoice?

As Christmas approaches and we rejoice in the birth of Christ, we also remember that He experienced persecution and flight, even as an infant. When King Herod gave his order to kill all baby boys, Joseph fled to Egypt with his wife and our newborn Saviour.

Could you give a gift this Christmas to feed faithful Christian families, including many widows and orphaned children? Be the unknown Christian, far away, who amazed them by sending help in their time of greatest need.

Please pray. Especially, lift up in your prayers the children, many fatherless, who have witnessed traumatic violence and learned at a tender age the reality of suffering. Ask that their faith will be steadfast as they trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to protect and keep them.

On behalf of all the Christian victims of persecution your gift will help, thank you in advance for your valuable support. Find out more and Donate

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