Provide Programming for Life FM

Thanks for your interest in producing programming for Life FM and Lift Radio.  Life FM exists to serve the Christian community in Adelaide, and to be an outreach as part of the Church’s wider commission.

In assisting us to evaluate your program proposal, please consider the following factors when preparing your submission.  You may even wish to answer each of the questions individually.  If you require more information please don’t hesitate to contact Life FM during office hours on 8444 5444 or .

Once you have put together your program proposal, please submit it to to be considered at the next meeting of Life FM’s programming committee.  If you are interested in volunteering in the meantime, please see the Volunteer information page for more details.

Things to consider in your program proposal:

  • How will this program fulfil Life FM’s mission statement, and how does it align with Life FM’s vision and values?
  • How will the program meet the needs of Life FM’s audience?
  • What resources of your own, or Life FM’s will be required to provide the program?
  • What will be the structure and duration of the program?
  • When would you envision the program airing?
  • How will this program better serve Life FM’s audience than the programming already in that time slot?
  • Are there any specific revenue generation opportunities for Life FM associated with the program?

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