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Coffee O’Clock are currently on hiatus. We wish them a great time of rest and inspiration as they gear up for the next chapter in the story. 

About Jayne:

Jayne has been part of the Life FM team since 2002 in a variety of on air roles and is also a qualified primary teacher. She loves being a wife and mum of three . With this combination of life experience, she is adept at knowing what mums want and need and the demands of juggling work, home and “me” time.

About Sharon:

Sharon is an award-winning journalist with a background in investigative stories. She’s comfortable talking to literally anyone and making them feel at ease, from Prime Ministers to the Premier, to his four-year-old daughter or anyone in between.



The Big Question:

Every week we ask you the Big Question! It’s where we look to you to discuss the big questions of life.


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