Christian V atheist debate

Written by on September 13, 2019

Celebrated US biologist and leading voice in the ‘Intellectual Dark Web” has admitted God is a “hack” we need, despite being an atheist. It’s part of a debate recorded with Dr Alister McGrath for The Big Conversation, a series which has had an estimate audience of 5 million since it launched.

Highlights of the debate video

8:08 Alister McGrath: Why I lost my faith in atheism

27:19 When doing science requires faith: Bret Weinstein and Alister McGrath

30:20 Bret Weinstein: When the Bible discovered truth before science

45:07 Can the Bible give us wisdom for 21stCentury problems? Bret Weinstein and Alister McGrath

1:00:02 Is Bret Weinstein proposing a new religion to stop us destroying ourselves?

1:05:07 Why I celebrate Hanukkah with my kids when I don’t believe in God: Bret Weinstein and Alister McGrath

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