Earlier this year an event occurred in an Australian school that caused both national headlines and outrage. A Victorian school organized a diversity session in which the social worker guiding the session asked all the boys who identified as white and Christian to stand up. She then labelled them oppressors. This is preposterous and parents […]

Benjamin Netanyahu, long time Israeli Prime Minister has been ousted from power by a coalition of opposition parties. But will the new coalition government fall apart before it even begins? A right wing zionist party, a centre left secular party and an Islamist party. It sounds like the start to a weird joke but no, […]

As the rest of the world struggles, Australia is leading the world in its Covid response This week the Australian Open has kicked off in Melbourne. The first of the big grand slams on the tennis calendar, the Australian Open takes on a new significance this year. Not only does it represent Australia’s sporting clout […]

1079 Life is banding together with Feed the Hungry to alleviate world hunger through the ‘Every Moment’ Appeal. By: Gabriel Garcia 1079 Life has joined forces with charity group Feed the Hungry to help alleviate child hunger in some of the world’s poorest regions. As part of their annual November Appeal, 1079 Life is assisting […]

What does it mean to live in poverty? If you pictured a young family living in a crowded makeshift community in India, you’d be right. However, that image alone isn’t the full picture of this vast and unjust human experience that we call poverty. We’re a nation built on equality; equality of opportunity and giving […]

Life is an amazing gift and we enjoy an amazing quality of life; thanks to this amazing country in which we live. But others aren’t so lucky. That is where CBM comes in. “When God brings people together….. Powerful things happen.” CBM is an international Christian development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people […]

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