Bangalore, India Divya Shanthi – the place of “God’s peace” – is where babies are rescued from certain death, where young girls are saved from sexual exploitation, where children are educated, where mothers are trained and enabled so they can care for their families, where the sick and disabled are loved and assisted, where Christ […]

Recently, two pastors were visiting a Christian friend one evening in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, when Hindu extremists burst into the house. They dragged the three men outside where a mob of 50–60 attacked them. They were punched and beaten with a cricket bat. “They accused us of luring innocent Hindus with money and benefits and […]

Thanks to everyone who recently attended our 25th Birthday Gala Dinner. It was a wonderful night and we were so happy to be able to share it with you! Our awesome photographer Christian Polychronis captured some great memories. Check them out below! They are now available for purchase. Simply fill in the form below and someone will […]

The Roadies are giving YOU the opportunity to continue Playing Tag with them! Yes! The Roadies are once again able to collect your bread tags to send to a mission in South Africa called “Bread Tags for Wheelchairs” thanks to Container of Hope! This mission send containers of donated and recycled goods to assist the […]

Yesterday was Miracles Day. In Dien Bien, Vietnam, many people were given the Miracle gift of sight-saving surgery. It was a day filled with joy, and lives were changed thanks to you. Now, people who couldn’t work because of their bad sight, are able to provide for their family. And children who were struggling to […]

Miracles Day has arrived! This year our destination is Dien Bien, Vietnam. You have the chance to help give the Miracle of sight-saving surgery to someone living in poverty. All it takes is $33, and a 12 minute surgery, and a life is changed forever. People living with cataracts are some of the poorest people […]

Luke and Susie and the kids are heading to on a trip Luke has imagined for 22 years. His dream is finally coming true and you can be joining him on this epic journey to experience the history that is across Greece and Turkey. To have a chance to win simply head to their click here and […]

The world surely has changed over the centuries, as towns, cities, and highways have been built, forests, trees and places that animals live slowly disappear. Animals have been forced to adapt to the changing world, and this doesn’t always work out for the best. Across the world, animals car collisions have been the cause of […]

It’s Walter’s first day at Bellhops, a moving company, he lives 32km away, and aims to get there at 8AM. Nothing unusual, but there’s one big difference. Walter walks to his new job. The weekend before his first day, his car broke down. There was no time to fix it, and he couldn’t find anybody to […]

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