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Why The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the perfect Easter Holidays family binge. Two years ago I was introduced to the wildly fantastical imagination of arguably one of the world’s greatest authors, J. R. R. Tolkien, through Tolkien starring Nicholas Hault and Lily Collins. I went in to the film with the intent of […]

Adelaide’s own Tawny K has just released her new single New Way to Be, aiming to capture life in a post-covid world. The multi-instrumentalist continues her love for the festive season after the release of her previous Christmas single No Diamonds for Christmas. The Australian rising star says she drew on her own experiences during the […]

From staff writer Gabriel Garcia Calling on all Disney Lovers to celebrate a trip down the childhood rabbit hole with Disney Day. 1079 Life will be celebrating all things Disney this Thursday, the 26th of November, as our gift to you, our wonderful listeners, because without you we wouldnt be here. Starting on Adelaide’s Good […]

Every weeknight from 7pm, 1079 Life’s The Takeover quite literally takes over the airwaves with their fun and charismatic energy. There is never a dull moment with Maz and the crew. Yet, you may not know the guys and gals behind the voices. We say it’s time that changed! So we sat down with the […]

This past Monday on Behind the Mic with Kylie Brice & The Takeover; Maz and the crew brought you the music talents of upcoming artist Jamie Willson. Jamie was born and raised in Kadina in country SA where the fruits of her upcoming music talents’ were nourished. It was here she grew up singing in […]

This week on Behind the Mic with Kylie Brice & The Takeover; Maz and the crew are bringing you the dynamic-due, the sister-in-Law story tellers – Bloom! Kirsten Croser and Jenny Hood are Bloom, a duo who are song writers, singers and performers whose musical talents span a variety of genres. If you listen closely […]

This week on Behind the Mic we have an artist who is returning to the SA music scene in a big way. An artist inspired by passionate rock and women’s folk music; and a sprinkle of modern synth. This week The Takeover & Kylie Brice presents Tara Coates and Sub Rosa. Tara is a energetic […]

As heard on Adelaide’s good taste breakfast, Jessica Braithwaite of 9 News and all around musical talent is this week’s featured artist on Behind The Mic! You may recognize Jessica’s beaming smile and lyrical voice from The Today Show, Totally Wild and Qantas in-flight news among others. But Jessica is not just an amiable news […]

Previously on behind the Mic, Kylie introduced us to the multi-talented; multi-instrumentalist Anthony Donato or as he is known in the music world, TAMIYM! TAMIYM’s is a talented musician who has previously worked collaboratively with local alternative rock artist, Colour Machine. He has also worked with local R&B/Pop group Openfire who are a leading artist […]

Welcome to Behind the Mic – Sean Kemp! Adelaide songwriter Sean Kemp has teamed up with Drew and Kirsten to create the sweet folk-pop sound and harmonious melodies. Sean is also the drummer in rock act ‘Surviving Sharks’. The Kemp Brothers and our very own Kylie Brice (Behind the Mic) are both playing a LIVE […]

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