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For the single woman who wants to be married but can’t seem to find a man who sees how beautiful she is.

‘A Cross in Time’ chronicles the lives of 3 generations, looking at how our faith and religious beliefs can be a product of our upbringing as much as the colour of our hair.

Emotional intelligence requires us to do four things: become aware of how we’re feeling, regulate our emotions, show empathy and work with people rather than do things to them.

When managed well, the differences you have with your spouse can help you both grow in areas of weakness, making for a healthier marriage.

When Netflix released 13 Reasons Why last year its depiction of teen suicide and abuse was criticised for being graphic, unnecessary, and putting young people at risk emotionally without providing them proper access to support services.

It is often the unsaid in a marriage that leads to the biggest problems. An issue grows and grows and nothing is said until it explodes!

Many people have struggled with being drawn to an old flame. One woman shares her experience and what helped her move on.

Most couples don’t have “real” money problems, such as lack of income or assets. They just have money management problems.

Sometimes ignorance causes us to hurt when we simply want to help. Four tips for how friends and families can help a loved one who is self harming.

Consider that in 2000, the average adult’s attention span was 12 seconds. It has dropped by 33% since then, to 8 seconds. Use these strategies that lead to lasting relationships, and people will give you a window.

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