Earlier this year an event occurred in an Australian school that caused both national headlines and outrage. A Victorian school organized a diversity session in which the social worker guiding the session asked all the boys who identified as white and Christian to stand up. She then labelled them oppressors. This is preposterous and parents […]

Benjamin Netanyahu, long time Israeli Prime Minister has been ousted from power by a coalition of opposition parties. But will the new coalition government fall apart before it even begins? A right wing zionist party, a centre left secular party and an Islamist party. It sounds like the start to a weird joke but no, […]

Love him or hate him Christian Porter shouldn’t be given the Salem Witch Trial treatment and presumption of innocence must stand especially when public opinion seems so against it. March has not been a good month for the Coalition government with the accusation of sexual misconduct seeing Attorney General Christian Porter taking mental health leave […]

Empower Hour 2021 seeks to transition more than 300 women into the workforce in wake of Covid 19 Pandemic. By Gabriel Garcia Dress for Success (DFS) is appealing to the public for help to raise $100 000 in an attempt to transition more than 300 Australian women from social welfare dependence to the workforce this […]

We can be a funny bunch – when it comes to politics we’re often more interested in the quality of our democracy sausage than the quality of our democracy.

Your school Pastoral Care Workers aren’t going anywhere. The Federal Government has just announced the School Ministry Group’s funding will continue. This means that Pastoral Care Workers can continue to remain in schools, and support students, families and the staff. This is great news, because the school chaplaincy program has brought so much support to […]

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