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If you can get a child to love reading, you’re giving them a gift for life—and fulfilling all kinds of psychological needs at the same time.

Founder of “Fathering Adventures”, Darren Lewis discusses how a father can best help his son transition into manhood… in a healthy way.

The transition to high school can be a trying time for kids. Here are ten tips to help an anxious child to enjoy the new journey more.

With the next crop of school leavers about to flood into the ‘real world’, here are 5 truths they must be told (and may not have learned at school).

Practical help and encouragement for your family to gather at dinner time and dialogue with your kids about spiritual matters.

Childlessness isn’t just a ‘female’ thing. It cuts a man up too. I and other men know. We’ve felt each cut.

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke it served as a good reminder that our world is struggling with a culture of disrespect and disregard towards women.

If you’re already grieving, this is a tough time to do extra work – the work of learning how to help your children grieve well.

If these were the only two goals I had in my life, and I achieved them, I will have succeeded.

Figure out what main “tree” personality type of mum you are: boxwood, rosebush, palm tree, or pine and how to use it in parenting and marriage.

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