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To make the world a better place, I just have to be a better dad. My greatest investment is the one I make into my children.

Have you noticed that once we’re parents, most of us want life to be civilised, tidy, quiet, and relaxed. And the kids? They want wild. They want action. They want exploration and adventure. They want PLAY!

Instead of toughening our children up, let’s develop that sensitivity and find ways to support their resiliency at the same time. It is possible to be sensitive and resilient.

My daughter thinks it’s ok to say frigging as it’s not the “real” word. Recently one of my kids has learnt to express her anger by using her middle finger. How do I teach her that’s not ok?

If parents want their children to become mature adults they need to let them embrace life, make decisions and face the consequences of those decisions.

Having a baby is totally AMAZING but let’s be honest for a second – it can be kinda scary, mega hectic and ridiculously lovely all meshed into one. There’s so much the books don’t cover and your friends forget to tell you.

You can’t do it YET. When your child tells you that she can’t do something, remind her that everyone fails at first. Teach her the power of the word “yet”.

Tom and Dena Yohe were caring, loving parents to their strong-willed daughter, Renee. It wasn’t until she was in her late teens that they discovered the deep hurts that troubled her inside.

There’s really no “right way” to have this conversation. What matters is that you are attuned to your children’s needs and can respond accordingly. These ideas may be useful depending on your child’s age, and their willingness to talk.

You’re thinking about your to-do list and your grocery list and that thing you wish you hadn’t said and that person from school who still has no idea how much they hurt you. Your brain never stops.

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