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Talking with our kids about this stuff might be uncomfortable… but how much more will it be when our child becomes or creates a #metoo.

No matter how many degrees I’ve earned, sermons I’ve preached, or seminars I’ve taught, nothing matters more to me than winning the hearts of my children.

Forcing a 17 year-old to do something only leads to bitter statements like “You can’t make me!”. One of Australia’s leading parenting experts Dr Justin Coulson, gives six steps to a more helpful approach.

When it comes to technology, having screens in bedrooms is one of the most well-established risk factors for our children’s positive development. This is for two central reasons.

As a dad, you have a powerful influence over your son. Dr. Robert Lewis shares a vision of biblical manhood for father and son, in terms of knighthood.

Of all the jobs in the world, parenting must be one of the toughest and most confronting things we can do. These 7 tips can help you manage stress.

Depending on which research you read, about 70-80% of Aussie parents admit to smacking their kids. Some do so quite proudly. Are those who champion smacking onto something or is it doing more harm than good?

This book review of The Frog and The Fish, written for late high schoolers, helps them explore the issues teenagers have always had to deal with: sex, happiness, identity and most recently, technology.

Our sanitised, “keep them safe at all costs” approach to outdoor play is affecting our children’s natural desire for exploration, and impacting their ability to manage risk and all that goes with it.

Most people, regardless of their baseline level of self-control, can be taught to exercise greater control.

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