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Help your teen either not access pornography or begin turning away from needing to access porn with these practical strategies.

If you’re an Aussie parent unsure about when it’s ok to leave your kid home alone, these practical questions can help you to know if they are ready!

The HSC might be daunting, but it is something that each and every one of you can achieve. See if you can keep these six things in mind.

Experts make a big deal about telling parents to read to their children. It’s one of the best things we can do to help them develop positively.

Our kids don’t need smart phones, but they do need smart parents to give wise guidelines and set good and positive examples.

It’s one of the buzzwords of the decade, with good reason! Recent research shows that practising mindfulness with our kids has tremendous positive impacts.

Dr Justin Coulson highlights three things for every parent to teach their children about: social media, body safety, and pornography.

You’re likely doing a good job taking care of your children. But how are you at being with them?

Here are some of the common fears and anxieties in kids according to age group, and some signs that may indicate an unusually higher level.

For parents, “mornings” and “magic” hardly go together. Try these 4 tips from Dr Justin Coulson to make mornings easier and yes, maybe even magical.

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