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When I was 11 years old, a teacher called our house to deliver some exceptional news. She told my mother that I qualified to be placed in a class for gifted students. My mother replied, “Him? He can’t even find his shoes in the morning!”

When our partner or spouse suggests we’re doing it wrong, it can feel like a personal attack. These 3 tips can help you get onto the same page without the friction.

Loyalty seems a discarded value in the 21st century world. But what if it’s essential to good family functioning and effective parenting?

Thou shalt make your children eat broccoli. Thou shalt not give your child an unsterilised dummy. Thou shalt let your teen sleep in on Saturdays. I’ve searched the Bible from cover to cover and never found specific parenting advice like this.

By making your baby’s own healthy teething rusks, you can skip the refined sugars, gluten, flavours or additives that can be found in some commercially made rusks.

Use these signs to start a conversation and even to prepare yourself. When kids quit a sport, parents go through change too.

Know a young person in the grip of depression, anxiety or another mental health issue? Here are some little things you can do today to build that young person up.

When there’s a battle of wills between parent and child, the adult is meant to be the one who manages their emotions. But parents are humans too, so how do you patch things up, after losing your cool with the kids?

A new study of babies out of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio found that the more you hug a child, the more their brain grows!

We don’t want to speak badly to our children. But… now and then we find ourselves stressed out, and those words just flow.

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