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When things go wrong these children look for the good, rather than dwell on the bad. And they’re much more fun in situations that aren’t always perfect.

What do you do when you get to the point of complete exhaustion? Don’t ignore the signs of overtiredness, here are 17 tips to recover quickly.

Those in their final year of school are stressed and feel as though their wings have been clipped. Here’s what they need from us.

Four practical tips you can use to help young people resist the ‘for us or against us’ dichotomies and instead, engage in respectful, healthy disagreement.

These physical and behavioural signs could suggest that your child is anxious about returning to school, and here’s how you can support them.

Every child is different. Every situation is different. But by listening and taking it slow you’ll be in a better place to ease their transition.

With so many new expectations on parents through the pandemic, parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson says that it’s okay to do less.

While parents may need to monitor their teens’ usage, social media in this time is proving to be invaluable for their teens’ mental health and wellbeing.

The free online video series by Colin and Compassion Australia offers short talks featuring messages of encouragement, Bible readings, prayers and music.

Dr Justin Coulson shares some tips for how divorced parents can negotiate differences and make shared custody achievable during this difficult time.

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