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Not everyone has a fabulous trip every school holidays. Plenty of other families have a day ahead just like yours.

7 hot tips to help you chill out with your kids, avoid too much expense and still make wonderful summer holiday memories!

New smart toys are capable of listening to your child. If they’re hearing things, they’re probably transmitting that information as well.

You wouldn’t think there was a skill to it, but new research highlights the importance of HOW parents read to their kids.

Is your child discouraged by competitiveness or comparison in their sport? Dr Justin Coulson explores strategies to help kids stay the course!

When the funeral was done and friends and family had gone home, Ann-Maree found herself grieving in unexpected moments – not knowing what to do with her parenting instincts.

How do you motivate kids? Rewards may effectively control children’s behaviour in the immediate context, but studies show that they can (and regularly do) have negative consequences.

Practical advice from Christians in counselling and psychology to help parents navigate the sexuality conversation well and with grace.

Parents have been complaining about this problem for at least 50 years! Try these questions to encourage curiosity and conversation.

Your kids will learn to live generously, to help others in need, and to make a real difference in the lives of others whenever and wherever they can.

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