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School holidays are a chance for families to shake off the end of term blahs and find some joy in their lives. Here are a few ways to make the most them…

Are parental controls an effective way to help your son or daughter learn the right thing to do when browsing the internet?

Today’s children are the first “born with a phone in their hands”, not knowing what it’s like to live without web-connected devices close at hand.

Saying ‘no’ teaches our kids important lessons about life, independence, empathy and getting along. 

No matter how fictional, scary characters can become all too real in the imagination of a young child.

As parents it may be tempting to want to find a solution and develop a plan to help our child get over it, but it’s not our job to ‘fix it’ for our kids.

While most people associate peer pressure with teens, there’s an emerging peer pressure beginning in childhood that is often overlooked.

Do you know what your children’s love languages are? Have you ever thought about it?

Bullying can be a difficult issue for parents to deal with, but when we boil it down to its basics, it’s all about power.

Safety tips that you can make fun that will give your kids the confidence to interact with strangers safely and without fear or worry.

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