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An army of Australian organisations and celebrities are calling on the Australian government to increase its international support in the COVID-19 crisis.

A week after the deadly explosion in the Port of Beirut, aid organisations now need Australians’ support more than ever to help the struggling nation.

Dr Bartlett’s story first came to light on a Texan TV news channel, and is now making waves around the world via an interview going viral on social media.

“Sometimes, I still cannot believe that a surgery, which was over so quick, turned things around for our family… for Joanna.”

“As a parent, I feel the weight of responsibility for providing for my young family… that miracle moment is something that I’ve never forgotten.”

More than two in five Aussies have experienced fewer colds and flus since social distancing and hygiene practices were introduced compared to last year.

At 10 years of age, Joy became a victim of cybersex in the Philippines after her mother moved overseas for work and left her in the care of her grandmother.

Instruments for the Outback is a program helping indigenous kids in remote parts of Australia to learn to play and record music.

As I sit here typing this after an incredibly tough six months, I can’t help but think that I am still so incredibly blessed in the middle of all of the chaos. There have been a few times over the last few months that I have travelled down the why me path, but it really […]

Thanks to the generosity of 1079 Life listeners, Jodie the Roadie reports on how you have brought happiness to a lady in need in South Africa. We have just received the photo of our sixth wheelchair recipient! Her name is Dorothea, who is from Grassy Park in the Western Cape, South Africa. She needed a […]

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