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We hear these conversations and these ‘sideways’ comments, good willed men (and women) need to stand up and have the conversation. They must make it clear it is not OK.

It’s cultural uncertainty that inspired author Chris Parker’s recent book, The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on work, technology, sex, stuff, truth and happiness.

If you hadn’t heard about the Roger Federer Foundation until now, it’s probably because the star doesn’t like to trumpet his charity work too loudly.

After 17 days in a dark cave they boys are doing really well.

If science allows for the possibility that we can do something – should we? The repercussions seem ever more serious as we extend our ability to successfully manipulate the genetic makeup of living things.

The death of Australian academic David Goodall in an assisted-suicide clinic in Switzerland, was hailed by supporters as some sort of victory for the cause of euthanasia

According to research, 6 or 7 Australians in every 10 have never actually engaged with an Aboriginal person, and many Aussies are still in the dark about our Aboriginal history.

How do you explain how a man who is brilliant, talented and gifted finds himself at a place that death feels like the only and reasonable option?

Welcome to the era of smart street furniture that tells council the bin needs emptying or the park seat needs a clean. Soon you could be charging your device on a smart pole.

Bishop Michael Curry, famous for preaching at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, has joined forces with a diverse collection of Christian leaders to launch a Jesus-centred campaign of love.

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