Doubts have risen surrounding the current form of education in Western countries, the preparation of students for a rapidly changing technological world.

From the end of this year, the ACT Government has decided to cut the school chaplaincy program from public schools triggering an urgent campaign.

The social activist group Collective Shout is celebrating after Bauer Media announced they will shut down their two remaining porn magazines.

So you’ve probably heard the news: Global celebrity rapper Kanye West, husband to Kim Kardashian, is confessing Christ as his Lord.

There was joy and celebration at the foot of Uluru, as climbing of the rock was finally banned. Brooke Prentis was there.

This year, 20 women have already graduated with the skills needed to have their own textiles business, and manage their own household and finances.

This article is supplied by our friends at GNA the Global News Alliance – a global Christian video news ministry “Smartphone Journalists” are revolutionising the way we report the news, while offering unlimited opportunities for people everywhere to become video story-tellers. Your smartphone empowers you to join this reporting revolution.  You don’t need expensive equipment […]

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken out about the unifying power of prayer at a prayer breakfast in Parliament House.

At what age is it appropriate for your child to get their first mobile phone? There is much to consider – as well as the connectivity benefits, there are also concerns about open access to the internet, social media, online bullying and getting into mischief with the phone’s camera. But what if there was one […]

By David Maegraith, co-founder of Eternity and ‘ideator’ For kids, school life can appear like an eternity. For others waiting to hear on a job offer or being stuck in traffic can feel like an eternity. In what seems like an eternity ago to me, ten years ago today, I launched Eternity newspaper with my […]

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