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Members and friends of Christian Radio Inc. t/a 1079 Life are warmly invited to attend the AnnualGeneral Meeting. Please note that only financial members will be allowed to vote at the meeting.Light refreshments will be served.Thursday 27 th May 2021Time: 7 PMVenue: 1079 Life Board Room, 3 Lumiere Lane, HendonThe business of the meeting will […]

On Monday The Roadies presented the Heart for Adelaide Award to Café Hope, which is run out of the Elizabeth Church of Christ. Alistair Thompson felt called from God to create this café, and to use it for God’s purpose. A ministry that use their kitchen to build relationships with the community. Meals are made […]

1079 Life had some exciting news on Saturday night! A group of 1079 Life staff and volunteers attended the annual South Australian Community Broadcasters Association Inc. (SACBA), Bilby Awards 2018. We are pleased to announce that our station received two awards. The Roadies received “Best Community Engagement” Award. For their excellence in promoting the station […]

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