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This article is from our friends at Emmaus, an international, inter-denominational organisation, and part of The Upper Room ministries. Other facets of this organisation include Chrysalis for young adults and Face To Face for the over 60’s. The Emmaus Walk is a time to discover a closer connection to Jesus, as the disciples did in […]

According to AnglicareSA, who offer vital services to people at risk across the state, research shows one of the main causes is a lack of suitable, affordable housing. Just 3% of rental accommodation is affordable to families on low incomes or income support. The number of homeless includes, but isn’t limited to, rough sleepers, couch […]

Life with a family isn’t always what we expected or imagined. Things can come up that we never thought we’d have to deal with, or have been trying too hard to deal with for some time. But Focus on the Family Australia is here to help. CEO Brett Ryan chats with Scotty about some of the things […]

THE TAKEOVER is looking for a logo and they want your help! All you need to do is email bec@1079life.com with your name, contact number and entry! We’ve already seen some inspiration come through! As long as it contains the words “THE TAKEOVER” you’ve got almost free reign on what you do! There are some things we […]

This August Kit and Pete want to join YOU for breakfast! Each Friday we’ll be visiting the home of someone from a different culture as we celebrate the diversity of Adelaide. If your house is steeped in the culture of the place you once called home we’d love to be a part of it! To […]

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