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What is a Life Partner? Life Partners are people who decide up-front on an annual amount they wish to donate to 1079 Life, and then spread out their gift, usually over monthly instalments. Their donation is made via a nominated credit card or by direct credit. Do I Have to Give Monthly or Can I […]

By David McManus From the counterculture of the 60s and 70s that came before Gen X and even missed the mark for a few Baby Boomers – hippies are back in a major way. Growing up in a time defined by recessions, housing bubbles, inflation and a growing cost of living… It isn’t hard to […]

This August you have the opportunity to make a difference to children from across the globe. Join us on Thursday 6th August to make a miracle happen! In partnership with CBM, 1079 Life wants to challenge you to give the gift of sight to those suffering from cataracts. All it takes is $33 to restore […]

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