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The sacrifice of Jesus was the hand of God that was thrust into the murky waters of this world to take hold of us in our helplessness, the question is, will you grasp it?

Every so often I think we need to be reminded that Pastors are just people. Regular, down to earth, flesh and blood human beings.

Let’s not turn the story of Genesis into a fruitless science vs faith debate. The truths in Genesis are far more profound than what year the earth came into being.

When you understand the Gospel, it breaks down your preconceived ideas of who is acceptable to God and who isn’t. Jesus went out of his way to show that the love of God and his saving power knows no boundaries.

Last week, we ran our ‘Be the Change’ appeal. We reached out for your support, so we can continue to share hope with Adelaide. And all we can say is thank you. Your kindness means so much to us, and we are so grateful. Your support will share real hope & life with almost three hundred thousand […]

We all fall and we all fail, but what we do after falling short either sets us on a trajectory of grace and redemption, or guilt and shame.

Many Christians feel we’re losing the ‘culture war’. From SSM to euthanasia, the traditional Christian perspective has lost ground in much of mainstream society. We’re a minority.

We think of love, for example in marriage, as some kind of business deal, where one person commits to loving another as long as they receive love in return. But that’s not what God means by love at all.

On Saturday, June 2, I went to Ignite Ministry’s Worship Night. At Woodville Town Hall, a few hundred young adults gathered together for a night of praising our God.  The worship band passionately led us into a place of intimacy, praise and awe. Everyone there was astonished by the power we felt, as we became […]

The Bible was written in a polytheistic culture: a culture which believed that there were many gods. But there is one thing that distinguishes the Christian God from all other gods.

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