I think we all want our children to have big dreams and to believe that anything is possible. Imagination and imaginative play have been linked to better self-confidence, problem solving skills and increased memory. Not to mention, it’s fun! This year the DreamBig Festival definitely brought the fun. Held at the Festival Centre in town, […]

Hello to our lovely listeners. Today is International Brothers Day, a day that as the name suggest we celebrate brotherhood and the meaning of brothers and their role in the family. Here at 1079 Life we would like to acknowledge all the brothers out there. On Saturday night we had a special Brotherhood in Arms […]

Why The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the perfect Easter Holidays family binge. Two years ago I was introduced to the wildly fantastical imagination of arguably one of the world’s greatest authors, J. R. R. Tolkien, through Tolkien starring Nicholas Hault and Lily Collins. I went in to the film with the intent of […]

If growing up wasn’t complicated enough, growing up without a father can be even harder. That is the crux of what inspired a young Australian mother and daughter team to make their very own series. Based on love, loss and perseverance, Amazing Grace is an online Sydney produced series that tackles what it’s like to […]

Fly high as you bounce, climb and fly – indoor play full of fun for the whole family! School holidays and birthday parties have a new play date destination with indoor play growing in popularity and Latitude in the north-eastern suburb of Greenacres proving popular with families and people of all ages and confidence levels! […]

Hi guys, its Gabriel Garcia here with a list of 7 Christian movies you can watch in the lead up to Easter. These movies may be biblical in origin or discuss themes relating to the Christian faith or Christian history. This list includes something to watch with your family as well as titles that are […]

By Gabriel Garcia Hollywood is a lot of things. It can be inspirational, it can be wonderful, it can tragic and it can be downright dirty. Above all, it is complex. It’s not unusual to hear religious leaders condemn Hollywood, and the entertainment industry as a whole, for a wide range of offenses. However, the […]

Voice of the Martyrs serves persecuted Christians with practical and spiritual assistance and leads Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers. The Australian office of Voice of the Martyrs is currently screening the feature film Tortured for Christ online, writes Gabriel Garcia. The story of Pastor Wurmbrand is one worthy of depicting […]

A Review by Gabriel Garcia of Tim Costello’s The Cost of Compassion. Tim Costello is a man of many experiences and could be considered an expert in compassion. A Baptist minister, Costello has had many leadership roles with arguably the most prominent being CEO of World Vision Australia and Mayor of St. Kilda, both roles […]

Fatima – A film about hope we all need right now (and always) Although the concept of Marco Pontecorvo’s retelling of the true story of Fatima is simple, impressive cinematography and direction make it a must-watch for people of all beliefs, particularly during this season of uncertainty and fear. Fatima recalls the story of Lucia […]

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