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Sailing around the world seems thoroughly romantic but, based on a true story; Adrift may put you off ever leaving dry land.

It’s easy to wonder if this long-toothed, munch-a-man moviemaking template has been dug up too many times.

Funny, smart, thrilling and sweet. Moreover, like any flick worth its price of admission, it may make you look at your own world just a little bit differently.

One quarter of the pop group, Human Nature is sharing a less choreographed side of himself and it brings his Christian faith into the spotlight.

Raw, honest and often uncomfortable, this tragic yet beautiful story of redemption is interwoven with real-life testimonies from modern-day prodigals.

The new film – now showing in over 100 cinema screenings is aptly subtitled, How the Church is Better and Worse Than you Ever Imagined.

When he sings, “Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don’t reckon I did it right”; we reminisce, “Me too!”. That’s Ed Sheeran’s charm. He’s one of us.

In a time when the entertainment industry is one of society’s biggest influencers, it’s no small thing that the name of Jesus is being recognised, and even celebrated.

A battle with cancer, an encounter with God, dramatic weight loss, and grappling with his purpose on the earth—Stan Walker has faced it all in the last couple of years.

How do we deal with the legacy of Christianity in our nation when not everyone believes its ideals reflect the country we’re becoming?

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