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I was doing some long overdue editing this afternoon and I came across this shot of the roots. As I was looking at it, I started thinking about the things in our lives that become roots. The bible is full of instructions about the ways to avoid having things that shouldn’t be there take root […]

Watch the full feature episode on 1079 Life for the show Broadcast Radio Australia, first shown on C44 Adelaide Monday 9 December The episode was filmed in the 1079 Life studios at Hendon and gives viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life at 1079 Life 1079 Life relies on listeners like you to give generously. Proclaiming […]

Aussie Christian singer/songwriter legend Steve Grace is always keen to help his mates in the bush, and never more so than now with fires tearing through Australia. Now, Steve has launched a limited edition eternity t-shirt with all profits supporting the NSW Rural Fire Service and Steve’s Hope for Hurting Towns initiative. The eternity tee […]

By Rev Melissa Lipsett, Bible Society Australia As any parent of young children knows, little people ask lots of questions. In fact, it has been estimated that an average pre-schooler asks about 40,000 questions over those four crucial developmental years. But then what happens? Why do the questions gradually shrivel away? As I look back […]

#Holocaust #AnneFrank #comics How do you tell the Holocaust story to the contemporary youth? A COMIC book about Anne Frank’s life has been published in Kiev, Ukraine. Graphic pictures are complimented with archive photographs, which makes the history facts very tangible. The book was first published in the Netherlands. Only a few years later it […]

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November 29, 2019

Women are on top of the world, at least the world of Christian music Billboard recently announced the top selling music charts for the decade, not just the year, and three female singers take out the top places, among them an Aussie and Kiwi. The No. 1 title on Billboard‘s Top Christian Albums chart for the 2010s is Lauren […]

Every December we hear the song Do They Know It’s Christmas? on radio and in shopping centres around Australia. The song was released as part of Live Aid, to raise funds for the African famine of 1985. But amid accusations of funds raised being spent on war, did Live Aid do more harm than good? […]

On Monday The Roadies were invited to the Hillbank Community Children’s Centre to collect bread tags along with and amazing amount of non- perishable food items for the 15 Can Challenge. A wonderful community spirit with hearts to help others in need this Christmas. One parent even went a step further and put together 2 […]

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November 27, 2019

Mini has had a strong presence in Australia’s motoring history with tens of thousands of Australians owning and driving them. They’ve also had a strong presence on racetracks all over the world for decades. In 1963, inspired by the capabilities of the BMC Twin Moke (a vehicle designed for military use and that had two […]

Do you have a 1079 Life story to tell? If you do, then 1079 Life would love to hear from you this week. The “Your Voice, Your Story” November Appeal is this week! 1079 Life is has a goal to raise $179,000 to ensure 1079 Life remains strong in 2020. As a listener-supported station, run […]

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