We live in a constantly connected world. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, but I think we have lost the art of being still. I catch myself sitting on the couch at night watching TV and scrolling my phone.

The short answer is, it matters. I don’t ever want to short cut a season and be lost for the next season of growth.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to see a visual of what hope does in our lives. What light does. When we are going through a dark, hard time, it can feel like everything is drab and dark and plain.

It isn’t a secret this year has been a challenging year for many people, our family included. We along with many others have faced long term unemployment, uncertainty with housing, severe financial stress and the resulting relational strain that all that causes…..Stay with me, I call my blog Essential Hope and this isn’t currently very […]

We are opening back up again slowly and things are starting to gradually. return to normal. I wonder if I am the only person who isn’t 100% excited about my life returning to the way it was before?

sharing my story not only helps me heal, it helps others.

This week was a big week for me…I got my acceptance from Uni SA and enrolled in my courses. If you are reading this you might be going what? that’s not that big a thing. For me, it’s a huge thing. When I finished school, I was on a career path at McDonald’s, I was […]

We moved to the beach in February and since then, I have walked to the beach almost daily. Over the past two weeks, between the weather and various other things I haven’t made it there. Yesterday I finally carved out a little time in my schedule and went for a walk. For this week’s blog, […]

On Sunday at church, they talked about a verse in the bible that is fairly well known. Psalm 46:10 – the start of it says Be Still and know that I am God! I was listening to it and I thought well, little pat on the back for me. I am still before God often. […]

I have been spending a lot of time editing photos this week. I am a photographer, you can check out my Instagram at either Hope Images or lorrene_mcclymont. I have a huge backlog to get through, so I figured now was an excellent time to get on with it. Freeze Rather Than Fail I found […]

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