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Hello to our lovely listeners. Today is International Brothers Day, a day that as the name suggest we celebrate brotherhood and the meaning of brothers and their role in the family. Here at 1079 Life we would like to acknowledge all the brothers out there. On Saturday night we had a special Brotherhood in Arms […]

Written by Jayden Hill Sometimes you feel like you love them, and sometimes you feel a little less positive; no, I’m not talking about your favourite TV show character or sports team, I’m talking about mothers. Your mum is the one who brought you into your life, and to put it simply, without her, and […]

Here’s what’s happening around the country to honour our ANZACs this year. It looks a little different for each state and territory.

This year a national moment has emerged – a time to pray in unison by Tuning in Together to #ChangeTheHeart of Australia.

Packing a shoebox sends a message of hope, letting kids know that God loves them and has not forgotten them during this time of fear and uncertainty.

The record for the largest Christmas light display is held by David Richards who hung over 120 kilometres of lights across a downtown Canberra Mall.

Leading up to Australia’s National Day of Thanks, here are simple actions that all parents can take to ensure home becomes a breeding ground for resilience.

Omitted from his famous poems is the lesser known fact that the Light Horses in the famous 1917 Battle of Beersheba were trained by Banjo Paterson.

There are two sites in Jerusalem where Jesus’ tomb may have been. Both have enough archaeological evidence to warrant their claims.

Let’s not let the restrictions that COVID-19 brings, stop us from celebrating Easter with your family or household in fun and creative ways.

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