Brian Peterson Paints the Homeless to Help Them

Written by on November 3, 2018

Brian Peterson has found a creative way of using his artistic talent to help people in need.

He paints and sells portraits of the homeless, and all the money goes back to the subject.

The project started as a way for Brian to connect with a group of people in his city (Santa Ana), that often go unnoticed, but this led to something much bigger.

Brian paints the person in a way that best represents their character, life and personality. It’s a very collaborative process. Once the artwork is completed, the subject signs the portrait. To Brian, it is not about showcasing his own talents, but helping the individual on the portrait.

He is a committed Christian, and is passionate about helping those in need. Brian shows love and friendship to every single person he paints.

Brian has since founded a not-for-profit organisation called Faces of Santa Ana where he continues the project on a bigger scale. More artists are involved, and the artworks expand to other items such as clothing, journals and mugs.

Video Source: BBC Three

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