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It is hard to refute the statement that we are now living in the great screenage. Screen-based devices are now a regular part of our day to day lives.

Are you a member of a local library in Australia? You could be watching movies online for free Beamafilm is streaming movies and more, free to members of Australian libraries. We asked them all about the service. Tell us about Beamafilm Beamafilm is an Australian movie streaming company. We’ve been around since 2012 and we […]

We expect to see God in beauty, praise, and joy. We expect to see God in light. But what happens when all we see is darkness?

PetSafe Australia is urging all pet owners to make sure they have included their household animals in their family’s bush fire safety plans.

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While any for-profit entity exists to make a profit, Martin Wolf suggests, “If a business substitutes making money for purpose, it will fail at both.”

Battlelines are being drawn in bedrooms across South Australia as couples fight for their fair share of wardrobe space. Closets jammed with clothes, shoes, accessories and luggage are causing tension and putting a strain on relationships. But couples sick of clashing over clutter are turning to experts to help them end their wardrobe wars. Adelaide […]

Are you up for the challenge? The 15 Can Challenge is The Roadies annual community food drive which has blessed many families in need over the last five years. Each time you go shopping just pick up an extra can or non-perishable item for someone in need. Toiletries and small Christmas gifts also welcome. This […]

Following the last months of her 45-year career, Judy introduces us to a star on the decline, and a mother trying to maintain relationship with her kids.

was established in 1992 and consisted of 2 salons. Andrea has been a hairdresser for 30 years, including a teacher at Pivot Point International, Tafe and Sherman Academy for 16 years in total. Her work consists of all aspects of hairdressing, including normal to avant garde. Andrea has been involved in many hair shows and […]

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