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Written by on July 10, 2019

It is really on my heart to share openly and honestly with people about where I am at at any given time. I want to be able to inspire hope but also be honest about the times that I don’t quite have it together. Aside from anything else, they are the times I tend to learn the most.

I Got this – Or Not

I have had a bit of a frantic week. It has been a real struggle with the noise in my head and the busyness of life. Work is incredibly stressful at the moment and I have had a commercial photography job to edit as well. I have been constantly fretting, not sleeping, not trusting, and trying to solve the worlds problems on my own.

I was reading the bible and came across Exodus 14:14. This verse is a personal favourite, it is one I have clung to over the years in hard times. This week I have forgotten it exists while trying to take on the world and fix it all in my head. It says; ‘The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.’.

So What Does it Mean?

It stopped me in my tracks and has had me pondering all afternoon, the meaning of ‘stillness’. So of course like anyone would, I googled. The blatantly obvious definition is not moving, not moving a muscle, motionless. I looked up the synonyms for still and I found these: quietness, quiet, silence, hush, soundless, noiselessness, calmness, calm, tranquillity, peace, peacefulness, peace and quiet, and serenity.

When I am in constant motion, drowning in the noise of life, it doesn’t give me much opportunity to hear the quiet voice of God. It also doesn’t give God much opportunity to fight for me because I keep getting in the way. There is always going to be noise, stress and busyness in our lives.

Sometimes I Create The Noise

You know though, I am also aware that there is noise that is created by me when I worry, fear and control instead of trusting. The more noise I create when I am storming around the less room I leave for opportunities for stillness. The less opportunity there is for peace, for calmness, for quiet, for silence. I don’t give God room to enter the situation because I am a whirlwind of chaos. I don’t give myself space to hear what God is trying to whisper to me because I am too busy yelling over the top of Him.

Allow Time For Stillness

My husband is well aware that I get like this. We have time put aside in our schedule for me to go out for a morning taking photos to the beach or the Barossa. At least once or twice a year I get away on my own with my camera and my bible to just take the time to be still. It is not wrong to take the time you need to for stillness. We should be taking care of ourselves and allowing ourselves to be still. We need to make sure that there are moments of stillness, soundlessness, tranquility, and peace.

Have those moments that allow God to speak into your situation. For you, it may not look like photography in the country. It may look like catching up with a mentor or friend who you are free to be yourself with. It may look like the perfect cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop with a good book. Whatever it is for you, if you are feeling overwhelmed by life and all its noise I encourage you to find yourself some space for stillness.

Lorrene McClymont is a photographer and writer living in Adelaide, South Australia. She writes faith based blogs under the Essential Hope banner. All images can be purchased through the Hope Images website

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