Author: Gabriel Garcia

One in four Australians report knowing someone who has committed suicide within the last 12 months as Covid 19 continues to take its toll.

Roughly 3 318 Australians have committed suicide in the last 12 months, exceeding the amount of people killed by Covid 19 which stands at 1084.

These numbers provided by Suicide Prevention Australia has only reinforced fears of a silent shadow pandemic that is gripping Australia.  

In stark reading it was also discovered a further 27% of Australians have also either directly or indirectly sought for suicide prevention advice.

Social isolation is seen as the biggest risk factor when it comes to suicide, followed quickly by unemployment and job security fears.

Family and relationship breakdown comes in as the third biggest risk.

Suicide Prevention Australia CEO Nieves Murray says that studies show that suicide trends rise in conjunction to major social and economic events.

“We know scoial and economic isolation are the biggest drivers of suicide rates and Covid 19 has seen Australians subject to 18 months of rolling lockdowns and distruption to their personal lives, employment, and business”.

In response to these and similar findings the Australian Federal Government has sought to introduce a standalone national suicide prevention act that will force governments to consider and mitigate suicide risks when making decisions.

If you or anyone you know is at risk call Lifeline on 131 114