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The cheapest price at the highest quality is the goal The price of genuine ink and toner from companies like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, OKI, Samsung and Fuji Xerox has risen year on year, according to 1079 Life Marketplace partner Vincent Teubler, CEO of Inkspot, a major online retailer of ink and toner in Australia […]

First impressions last Especially when you’re a small business or organisation. Labels play a key part in first impressions and, done well, your labels can make you look just as good as big organisations. But if you don’t need thousands of labels printed, how do you get the right size, shape and materials, without spending […]

Ginger is an inspiration Mercedes College Year 8 student Ginger Cooke’s motivation to reduce her emission during Lent has inspired half a dozen of her classmates to make the same promise. The students will look at how they can reduce single use plastic, such being more conscious about what they buy at the shops and […]

Obesity is a big problem Obesity is a significant contributor to the impact of chronic disease. The Total Wellbeing Diet (TWD) Online was launched in 2015 by CSIRO and SP Health.    The program provides scientific substantiation that a high protein, lower carbohydrate diet is safe and effective in diabetes and weight loss management. The […]

Yes, you can achieve your goals Have you tried these weight loss methods and how have they gone? Optifast shakes, meal replacements, and soups Gastric bypass surgery to change how your stomach handles the food you eat Weight loss meal plans Weight loss tablets Phatt diet – Putting Health at The Top providing one-on-one mentoring […]

Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed fled her family and religion – claiming it was a matter of life or death if she returned to Saudi Arabia.  She found refuge in Canada – a country known for freedom of religion and welcoming asylum seekers.  Her escape to Canada has sparked international attention and debate over extremes in […]

TripGuru spotlight Travel tech startup TripGuru expands to Australia to share authentic local experiences Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Cairns – what’s next? Trailblazing travel startup TripGuru has been launching tours in these Australian destinations at rapid-fire speed over the last quarter in its pursuit to spread the travel bug… the kind you want to catch, […]

World Hearing Day To commemorate World Hearing Day on Sunday 3 March Dementia Australia is reminding Australians to check their hearing to help identify and prevent hearing loss potentially reducing their risk of developing dementia. Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe said hearing health is related to brain heath, with age-related hearing loss a contributing factor […]

An all TOTO tribute set Adelaide band Supernova’s first gig in 2000 was inspired by a tribute to Jeff Porcaro, TOTO’s original drummer (he also played for Steely Dan and countless others). The band are re-visiting that tribute by featuring Gordon Rytmeister (Sydney) one of Australia’s foremost drummers in an all TOTO set. Just for […]

For a culture where sex is so prevalent, we really don’t talk about it the way we should, creating a lot of misconceptions.

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