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February 19, 2020

14 years In Communist Prison Could Not Break His Faith The Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring movie Tortured for Christ, a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. Filmed entirely in Romania, including inside one of the prisons where Pastor Wurmbrand endured […]

New research from found that 37 per cent of Australians – the equivalent of 7.2 million people or one in three Australians – have entered 2020 with a “Christmas debt hangover”. February is a busy time for families as kids start to head back to school. Unfortunately, the pressure to provide a memorable Christmas leaves many […]

The Center for Bible Engagement (CBE) began in 2003 as a research division of Back to the Bible and has become a major world centre addressing Bible engagement and spiritual growth. In a recent blog post, the CBE revealed the secret to being less lonely – read the Bible! According to the CBE, someone who engages the Bible […]

Justin Bieber makes it plain who he is thankful for, on the eve of his first album release in five years, Changes.

In 2020 MAF celebrates turning 75 Join MAF for a special evening of celebrations on Saturday 16 May at 6:30pm as they look back and give thanks to God for all He has done through MAF Australia over the decades. The evening consists of a three course meal at the Bayview Eden in Melbourne. The […]

Tauren Wells, the former lead singer of Royal Tailor, this week secures his third number-one solo hit in the TCM Top 30 with “Miracle” His previous chart toppers – “Hills And Valleys” (2017), and “Known” (2018) – were slow ballads. “Miracle” presents his positive message packaged with danceable pop. Sounding a bit like Michael Jackson, […]

With hints of the Biblical plagues in Egypt, thousands of Christian farming families are facing famine after millions of locusts caused catastrophic loss to spring crops in Sindh district, one of the poorest rural regions of Pakistan. This was worst attack I ever seen in my life, like a flood of locusts, travelling and eating […]

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February 13, 2020

City Bible Forum Adelaide launches The EDGE: a new event, at the Jade nightclub, with two TED type talks on the fascinating topic of Fear of the Future, followed by audience Q and A.  WED 18 MAR, 5.45PM-8.15PMTHE JADE; 142-160 FLINDERS ST ADELAIDESINGLE TICKET$ 28MULTIPLE TICKETS$ 25SPEAKERS SAM CHAN STEPHEN MULLIGHAN It’s 2020, and with uncertain political structures, […]

Moving into an apartment after living in a large house is becoming an attractive option for retirees and empty nesters, as new apartment buildings spring up across the country. The Productivity Commission data reveals one fifth of Australians aged over 50 have already downsized and 15 per cent of those who have not moved to […]

Franklin Graham UK Tour Pushes Ahead Despite Major Venue Cancellations Following news that all eight venues have cancelled their bookings for Franklin Graham’s UK tour, the evangelist says he won’t let that stop him preaching the good news across the nation this summer. All eight arenas have cancelled, citing the division that his appearance would […]

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