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Frank Sinatra sang of New York, “if I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere” – well by that measure Aussie exports for King & Country have made it, in New York at least! Right now the handsome features of Joel and Luke from for KING & COUNTRY are beaming down from Times […]

By: Gabriel Garcia The idea of microloans has been growing in popularity recently. Unlike more “traditional” forms of charity in which people give food, blankets or medical supplies (or supply money for such items) microloans are designed to create eventual self-sufficiency. Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day… teach a […]

In a brief series of videos, Mark McCrindle discusses The Future of the Church in Australia, a 50 page report released that explores the Church and its role and future in Australia By: Gabriel Garcia The Future of the church in Australia It is no surprise that the Church has been battered recently. The Royal […]

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November 1, 2020

This Christmas, celebrate the greatest gift of all by helping to spread joy to people in need through CBM’s Meaningful Gifts 1079 Life is a proud partner of CBM and find their range of Meaningful Gifts a fun and easy way to make the world a better place at Christmas! Head to to pick […]

Christian children in restricted nations inevitably become victims of persecution as they are the most vulnerable members of society, writes Voice of the Martyrs In a few nations, this vulnerability leaves them susceptible to severe persecution such as forced labour, abduction, forced marriage, extreme abuse, terrorist attacks and the loss of their parents. In some […]

In our darkest periods, when we feel alone, lost and scared we can always turn to Jesus for guidance. Watch these videos from CV Global Resources to find out more about God Let’s be blunt, the world is not always a pleasant place. In fact, it can be an awful place to live in. If […]

Baptist World Aid Australia has just released its COVID Fashion Report and COVID Fashion Guide which scrutinizes the fashion industry in the COVID Era, writes Gabriel Garcia The guide forms the aid organisation’s 2020 Special edition of its annual Ethical Fashion Report and Ethical Fashion Guide. The annual Ethical Fashion Report, grades clothing brands on […]

Whether you’re an aspiring Masterchef or the obligatory chef at home, cooking is something we must all get a grasp of at some point in our lives writes Gabriel Garcia Like many things in life, learning to cook and having a positive relationship with food is best started early. With concerns growing over the health […]

Thanks to the generosity of 1079 Life listeners, Jodie the Roadie reports on how you have brought happiness to a lady in need in South Africa. We have just received the photo of our sixth wheelchair recipient! Her name is Dorothea, who is from Grassy Park in the Western Cape, South Africa. She needed a […]

The local church has been charged with the mission of sharing the hope of the gospel, but this mission can be challenging in a relentlessly broken world. How can you restore hope when someone feels rejected, guilty, or broken? Using Bart Millard’s story of pain redeemed, brokenness restored, and God glorified, you can guide your […]

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