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At what age is it appropriate for your child to get their first mobile phone? There is much to consider – as well as the connectivity benefits, there are also concerns about open access to the internet, social media, online bullying and getting into mischief with the phone’s camera. But what if there was one […]

By David Maegraith, co-founder of Eternity and ‘ideator’ For kids, school life can appear like an eternity. For others waiting to hear on a job offer or being stuck in traffic can feel like an eternity. In what seems like an eternity ago to me, ten years ago today, I launched Eternity newspaper with my […]

From her younger years, Emmy Cooper had a love for helping people in need and raising funds and awareness for different projects. “Whether it was selling laminated bookmarks in my dad’s barber shop or asking family or friends for finances and support for different causes, I was in it wholeheartedly,” Emmy says. Emmy has now […]

For 1079 Life the diabetes fight is personal  Adelaide’s 1079 Life reaches over 300,000 South Aussies every month. Two of our staff – Bec and Maz – and two kids of our staff have Type 1 Diabetes. We hate it. We fight it. We will win. We are taking part in JDRF One Walk to […]

On Saturday 19 October Kit and Aiden will abseil 132 metres down the Westpac building in the Adelaide CBD! Why? The brave pair are taking part in the AnglicareSA Adelaide City Plunge to help fight homelessness. Watch them explain in this quick video. Thanks to Anglicare SA YOU have the chance to join Kit and […]

A report released today paints a picture of increased competition for less jobs, particularly for young people just starting out, across Australia. Anglicare’s 2019 Jobs Availability Snapshot, released today during Anti-Poverty Week, also found that entry-level jobs made up just 10 per cent of all vacancies across Australia, down from 14 per cent last year. […]

REDARC Electronics was founded in August of 1979 by electronics engineer, Robin (Bob) William Mackie in South Australia. Bob started the business by designing and manufacturing vehicle ignition systems and voltage converters. In fact, the name REDARC is believed to have come from the spark developed in the first ignition system having a “red arc”. […]

1079 Life listener Kerry McFie has written a wonderful book about a very special horse Sheba and her legacy on the world. Kerry says, “A young horse named Sheba ended up with me. Being inexperienced I had no idea of what I was doing. I always had a passion to entertain people. My lazy brumby, […]

Roger Penrose, a celebrated cosmologist, is challenged to believe in God during a discussion with Christian philosopher, William Lane Craig. This debate is part of The Big Conversation, a series enjoyed by millions. Sir Roger Penrose, a leading cosmologist who worked with Stephen Hawking to develop the theory that predicted the beginning of space and […]

1079 LIFE QUIZ NIGHT SATURDAY 23 NOV 2019 / FULLARTON PARK CENTRE It’s time to brush off your trivia skills and book a table for our fabulous 1079 Life Quiz Night! Come and have a great time with friends and meet up with your favourite announcers. We only have a limited number of tables available […]

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