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YouTube sensation Eddie Woo says Christians facing workplace challenges often say it’s not something they signed up for, but the Bible disagrees.

When we pray, we are usually talking to God. Telling God what we think we need. I doubt that many of us have heard God answering back.

Despite the challenges presented in 2020, 85% of Australians say that they are happy when they think about their life overall.

Blackbird is a movie that captures the emotions of a family respectfully trying accept loss, but also puts a very superficial take on the complex issue of assisted dying.

God’s promises are not isolated or independent from us, but actually very much intertwined with us.

Reportedly 55 per cent of girls between the ages of eight and nine years are dissatisfied with their bodies.

How can we cultivate, care for and tend our soul in he midst of chaos to stay, well, sane? There are a couple of things you can do, here are six strategies.

Empower Hour 2021 seeks to transition more than 300 women into the workforce in wake of Covid 19 Pandemic. By Gabriel Garcia Dress for Success (DFS) is appealing to the public for help to raise $100 000 in an attempt to transition more than 300 Australian women from social welfare dependence to the workforce this […]

The cities we are familiar with are set to change and the plans for these changes are already being implemented. Here’s what we will see in the future.

God’s no dictator, he won’t force his way into any area of your life. He’ll wait until he’s invited.

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