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“We can share fire when our fire is ignited first. From various events that God allowed to happen in my life, He has ignited my fire.”

Instead of filling our schedule with Zooms, it may be that practising time in quiet could be our best defence against the stressors of the season.

Since last summer’s bushfires and through the COVID pandemic, the tenacious Australian spirit and our harsh landscapes have carried a new significance to many across our country.

God isn’t a father like any of us have ever had on this earth. He’s absolutely so much better and you can experience his strength and his love right now.

2020 is ending in a rush and the first thing that suffers in busyness is reflection time – the art of seeing the meaning in our experiences.

Brothers Gary and Brad Pinto, family friends Andrew De Silva, Danny Williams and later Jude Nicholas, carved a path for R&B in Australia.

Staff and Students from University Christian groups across Australia joined together in a virtual choir to sing the uplifting song, ‘Behold Our God’.

Christmas can be daunting for many Australians this year. Churches and Individuals can offer hope by reaching out, stepping into the gap and serving others.

As adults, it can be tough to rekindle that childlike imagination in a way that builds relationship with your kids but isn’t too daunting.

While you and your spouse’s differences are real and there every day, when managed well they can help you become bigger, better people.

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