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Veganuary- Really?

Are you someone who can make a snap decision? Or does it take you more time? I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve thought about trying a vegan diet for months but the decision to act on it was snap made this week. So, why?

This year has been filled with a variety of curveballs for me (and not just me, I am sure!). This has included some concerns with my health, both mental and physical, which I have essentially handled by eating chocolate and refusing to get out of bed until I really have to.

Sometime after Easter it was recommended to me that what might kick my body and mind back into gear was to give up sugar, alcohol, grain, dairy, and eggs. GAH. Don’t get me wrong I tried. But… chocolate.

Psychology tells us that one way to make a new lifestyle choice stick is not to take things away but to introduce new things and focus on what you CAN do.

Enter “Veganuary”.

I heard about this last year and the basic idea is to try a vegan diet for a month. According to various government health websites there is the potential for quite a few benefits including reduced risk of cancer and diabetes. Somewhere in my head is the idea that maybe there was a study showing you don’t have to be permanently vegan either, but don’t quote me on that.

There are also some risks, mostly regarding getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. It is for this reason that I am planning to start from the first of January rather than today. Also, Christmas + left overs = broken resolve!

I also recently read that the gut’s microbiome plays a huge part in your health and a vegan diet may not be beneficial. So if you’re thinking of playing along at home then please make sure you check in with your doctor first. I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice.

I’m really curious to see how long it takes my body to adjust and what the benefits are going to be for me. Also whether or not I end up “falling off the wagon”. Discipline hasn’t traditionally been a strong point of mine.

Have you tried Veganuary? Or are you a vegan with some awesome tips? Let us know by emailing with your story!

Kit is a wife, mum of 2, and works at 1079 Life.

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