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Redeemed Podcast

Last Friday on ‘Not Quite Aiden in the Arvo’ , Scott had a chance to catch up with Ed Kost, creator of Redeemed Podcast.

Good Christian entertainment is hard to come by – Ed noticed this issue and set to work to create some! The podcast aims to help adults immerse themselves in the gospel. Each episode is inspired by a biblical account, providing a theologically rich and entertaining experience. Ed states that he encourages listeners to study the biblical events on which the episodes are based. He also hopes to connect non-Christians to the gospel truth.

On Christmas Day at 1079 Life, we are going to be playing a special nativity episode made specifically for the station. Tune in when you’re driving to and from church or family events for this episode on December 25th!

Scott and Ed discuss the inspiration for the podcast, what goes into making each episode (such as recording an episode in the bathroom…), and much more. You can listen down below.

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