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Scotty Chats with Sansone on Hip Hope

Last week, Scotty was joined by Chicago artist Sansone on Hip Hope. They discuss how his past has shaped his music, and the impact of his faith on his songs.

As Sansone grew up, his family went through many dark periods, from serious illnesses to his dad passing away. He draws from this life experience in his song writing, using his music for creative expression and to help others. He wrote his first song at 16 after noticing and loving how rappers are able to express vulnerabilities in their songs. After that, his love for music took off and has been a passion and a focus in his life. However, he took a step back for a short period when he realised that he wasn’t writing songs for himself anymore and had lost focus on why he started writing to begin with.

During this time, a friend invited him to church. He was blown away by the way the congregation worshiped and the sense of community in the church. This lead to him becoming saved, and his faith grew and he began to get back into music. Following the loss of his mum, he needed God more than ever. Through His church, God responded in a way that only He can.

Sansone’s story is incredibly powerful, and it was a great opportunity to get to chat to him on air. Have a listen to the interview below.

Catch Hip Hope at 9pm every Tuesday at 1079 Life.

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