Recycling the Unrecylable with Flora and Fauna

Julie Mathers chatted with Scotty and Erin this week – well mainly Erin actually on Adelaide’s Good Taste Breakfast. Flora and Fauna are encouraging us to make better choices. Not just with what we buy but also with how we dispose of what we have.

Flora and Fauna are encouraging us to RECYCLE EVERYTHING. This minimises waste and the amount of plastic ending up in landfills and our oceans.

We can recycle nearly everything we touch. Flora and Fauna are aiming to collect typically non-recyclable items and turn them into new products through TerraCycle.

They would love listeners to send them plastic beauty packaging, old tights, pela phone cases, blister packs, bread tags, glass nail polish bottles, metal safety razors, and silicone products. They will recycle them, minimising the waste in landfills and ocean plastics.

They want to divert millions of tonnes of valuable resources from landfills all over the world. Listen to the interview with Julie and check out their website for all the info about how you can get involved.

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