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Preparing for Success with Auctus and the Takeover team!

Auctus Training and Education is more than just an RTO.
Our organisation is driven by a passion to empower and genuinely change lives through education.

In September 2021, we are engaging with 1079 Life to run a series of segments which targets an audience of 12–25-year-olds.
For 16 weeks we will be running a program called “Preparing for Success”.

Through extensive research we understand that often young people are expected to choose a career path and start thinking strategically about their future. This process is seriously overwhelming for young people that have so much on their plate already….. just growing up and making sense of the world around them is enough to send you into a spin.
Auctus employees are a group of talented people from diverse backgrounds and together we discuss how we can make learning more purposeful for all we engage with no matter what age.

Mental Health and anxiety in young people are on the rise and adding to the complexity of important life choices. This led us to decide on the series “Preparing for Success”

What success means to you? Often people retort by saying things like being rich, having a nice car or house. That is very well but what does preparing for success look like?

The segments will aired on the Takeover with Maz and the team and will be giving some hot tips on how to start the preparing process.

We kick off with a poignant tale of self-worth.
Understanding and appreciating your own self-worth is the springboard to the series.

For one to move forward and start laying the foundation for success one must understand their value in the world we live in.
During the segments, we will be touching on various topics that we believe young people can mull over and put into practice.

These topics include how to effectively communicate/have a healthy relationship with yourself and others / how to put your best foot forward when you present for an interview /understanding personal branding / preparing yourself for the world of work/time management techniques / What is VET? and why choose VET?/ communicating with your peers/ what it takes to be a good leader/ dealing with anxiety and depression / dealing with conflict……and more

The series also includes some young professionals talking about their journey to success and what has helped them work through some challenges in their lives.

Make sure you listen to Maz and the Takeover Team every Wednesday from 7pm

Check Auctus out here

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