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Peddle to the Metal with Fast and Furious X (Review)

Fast and Furious X is the tenth – THE TENTH – Fast and Furious film, which is no mean feat for any movie franchise. So you may be wondering if Fast and Furious X is worth your time as either an old fan or a newcomer, or has this franchise finally run outta gas…

Directed by Louis Leterrier and staring an ensemble cast lead by the gruff Dom (Vin Diesel), Fast and Furious X is a high octane zero physics thrill ride; filled with well-directed action, fun characters, and a globetrotting adventure. Speaking of the cast, Fast and Furious X feels like a greatest hits album; with tons of renowned characters and actors making their appearance. You will constantly be spotting new and exciting faces right up until the end and even during the films mid credit scene, which you’ll want to stay for. 

The story of Fast and Furious X finds the main characters’ on the receiving end of revenge plot; orchestrated to divide and conquer our heroes by a mad man from the team’s past. Even if you are unfamiliar with the series – thanks to the internet – you likely will have heard about the films themes on family which comes across as wholesome here. While the film does not have any overt Christian messaging, there is also an underlining theme of faith.

If you are like myself and haven’t seen the previous films; you may be pleasantly entertained by the latest entry. Fast and Furious X knows exactly what it is and knows exactly who you are, someone who wants to be entertained and have fun. Old fans of the franchise will enjoy the throwbacks to previous films that set up some of the new characters’. Characters like the films antagonist, Villian (Jason Momoa), whose performance is…. unexpected. Suffice to say that this may be the closest we get to knowing what Momoa’s take on the Joker would be. The actor is clearly having a good time and the character’s instability sells itself well amidst the pure madness of his schemes.

For new audiences; the film does an excellent job at bringing you up to speed with minimal exposition and well defined characterizations of the main cast. Child actors can be hit or miss sometimes; so a special mention goes out to Leo Abelo Perry (Brian Marcos); whose excitable performance as Dom’s son slots in seamlessly. This is especially in the scenes he shares with Jakob Toretto (John Cena); where the two have a lot of fun chemistry.

All in all, Fast and Furious X is an excellent summer block buster that’s worth your time. Its simply fun, its absurd, and despite the main cast being outlaws, the film has a lot of positive themes. It’s more of a modern Action-Man/Robin Hood than a Shakespeare but that’s what makes it enjoyable.

I’d give Fast and Furious X 3.5 Muscle Cars out of 5

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