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Thank You for Being a Lunch Box Legend!

Cos We Care are a charity organisation run by volunteers that help the homeless around Adelaide by providing food and basic essential items with a friendly smile. In 2016, The Roadies heard about their work in the community and presented them with the Heart for Adelaide Award.

Last year, Ann Cooper, the founder and coordinator of Cos We Care, informed Jodie the Roadie on how their role had expanded into providing lunches for school children. The team provide lunches for children who go to school with little or no breakfast then face the day without lunch due to various family situations. Not only are these children hungry but they are unable to concentrate or function properly at school. Thanks to Cos We Care, these children now have a recess and a lunch. However, receiving “hand outs” unfortunately has a stigma attached to it. These children know they are different and stand out in the school yard as they have no lunch box. All these children want is to fit in and be a regular school kid.

The Roadies and the rest of the Life FM team felt this need upon their hearts and decided to do something about it. That’s how we created Life FM’s Lunch Box Legends!

We put the call out on the airwaves inviting YOU to join with us in purchasing a lunch box for children without one, and WOW did you step up to the challenge!

You Stepped Up to the Challenge!

Lunch boxes were received at the station daily, at Roadies events, and at Howards Storage World and Auto One Clovercrest. They came in so quickly we had to make sure we didn’t miss any in the counting.

A total of 349 lunch boxes were collected. Thank you Adelaide! Each lunch box contains the bible verse Psalm 107:9 ‘for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things’.

On Monday 21st February, The Roadies handed over all these lunch boxes to Cos We Care. Ann was brought to tears as she saw so many lunch boxes packaged to be distributed to children without one. “I can’t believe what we’ve got. It’s absolutely awesome!” 

Ann shared about the importance these lunch boxes hold. Having a lunch box of their own with their name on it gives these children dignity, equalisation, and self esteem. Not only will these children have their tummies filled each day with a delicious healthy lunch, but they will now feel like they fit in at school.

Cos We Care want to thank everyone who took part and donated a lunch box.

You’re a Lunch Box Legend!

Article written by Jodie the Roadie.

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