How to be a Successful Home Office Worker, According to the Experts

The Covid Crisis in Australia may be decreasing in severity but some of the behaviours, such as working from home will likely stay on.

Working at home. It was once unusual but like a lot of things Covid 19 has turned that notion upside down. During the height of the pandemic large segments of the South Australian population were working from home.

And as it turns out the option to work from home has become quite popular with recent figures published by the Advertiser showing 40 percent of South Australians wish to continue to work from home on a part time basis while 22 percent wish to permanent shift to the home office.

However, though working from home is convenient for a lot of people, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about.

Home organisation expert and owner of Howards Storage at Mile End, Dave Strutton believes that its quite easy to have a dedicated working space within the home, even if you live in a small space.

According to Strutton the key is finding a dedicated location that is away from any distractions and ensuring the office is equipped with what you need. 

Maureen Kyne, a workplace expert, concurs, while also believing that mental attitude is just as important as having the proper physical objects.

“You have to be disciplined to create the right environment and right mindset and those who are splitting their time between home and the office really should be aiming for ‘hybrid harmony’.” 

One of the key ways to achieve this hybrid harmony according to Kyne is dressing as if you are going to the office even if you’re working from home.

Finally, Strutton believes that not only is having a dedicated working place handy in these unpredictable times but a home office set up can also be atheistically pleasing as well as serving a functional purpose.

“Even if you don’t always work from home, a home office or study nook is a great addition to any home, especially if it’s laid out properly and kept tidy.”

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